Marcus Lim | Interior Architecture Photographer In Singapore

Villa Akasha

The concept of NewEarth Haven was born into existence with the birthing of a custom designed villa nestled among the cascading rice fields of Bali by Sacha Stone, founder of Humanitad and New Earth Nation.

A stunning piece of architectural delight, self designed by Mr. Stone, boasts 500 square meters of exotic living space, a developing organic garden and interior garden lounge, swimming pool, two private sun decks and picturesque rice field views throughout the entire estate.

The highlights of the place are two 45 square meter bio architecture eco domes, outfitted with biomimicry systems designed to mimic the human biological energetic frequencies, effectively creating living structures designed to renew, rejuvenate and recharge the body of those who reside within its sacred geometrical structure. About a dozen more modular domes are under construction.

The villa is open and available to use for retreats, workshops and seminars now. The villa is also available to rent for a weekend or week long getaway and currently listed on airbnb.